VisualEyes VNG

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VisualEyes™ Video Nystagmograph or VNG is the proven technology for testing patients with dizziness and balance disorders.  VNG tests include nystagmus with and without vision, pursuit tracking, saccade and optokinetic ocularmotor tests. Vestibular function tests with an air or water caloric irrigator can help identify the side of a vestibular weakness.

VNG can objectively record and measure abnormal eye movements associated with peripheral vestibular loss, acoustic neuroma, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), vestibular neuronitis, Internuclear Opthalmoplegia (INO) and many other peripheral vestibular and central neurological disorders.

The VisualEyes™ binocular video goggles were designed for enhanced patient comfort and simplified use. For example, with just one click in our Spectrum software, the left and right eye images are visibly centered with no mechanical adjustment of the cameras. The VisualEyes™ VNG is operated using a simple RF remote, providing the examiner freedom to be near the patient rather than at the computer keyboard.

VisualEyes™ VNG Features

  • High speed binocular goggles to record horizontal and vertical eye movement waveforms at 100Hz (eye position samples per second).
  • LCD TV or projector for the ocularmotor stimulus and to display  large eyes on TV screen during nystagmus tests
  • Four button RF Remote to start and stop recording, turn on fixation light and center both eyes on computer screen
  • EyeMax™ TV screen to display large eye images for ease of  testing and patient review
  • Integrated audio to record voice annotation with  EyeMax video

Binocular Goggles Features

  • Comfortable light-weight goggles weigh only 10.2oz (289 grams) without eye cover  and 11.6oz (329grams) with eye cover
  • Goggles mounted button switch to start, stop and abort VNG recordings during Dix-Hallpike and Positional Tests.
  • Comfortable, easy to clean rubber mask  - no expensive, disposable foam
  • Cameras mounted on top of goggles and close to the forehead for lower inertia during head movements, added comfort, and reduced goggles slip
  • Pull-tab adjustable elastic Velcro™ headband for a comfortable yet light-tight fit
  • Full field viewing of +/- 45° horizontal viewing and +20° / -25° visual targets for gaze, pursuit and optokinetic tests
  • Integrated eye focus knob for each eye
  • fixation light for either eye turned on and off by software or manually with RF remote
  • Removable eye cover for VNG tests requiring  vision
  • LED side-lights help examiner place the goggles eye cover in a dimly lit room

VNG Options

  • EOG amplifier for electrode recording of eye movements
  • Pupillometry  to record pupillary reflexes to light changes
  • VORTEQ – Video Head Impulse Testing (VHIT) of six canals, Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVAT) and multi-frequency head rotation VOR in one option.
  • Torsion recording with horizontal and vertical for 3-D eye tracking capability
  • Digital Light Bar or Television for target presentations
  • Laptop or Mid-Tower PC configurations running Windows 7
  • Air or water caloric irrigator