RealEyes Monocular Video Goggles

PDF.png   RealEyes and RealEyes xDVR Brochure


Monocular Video Goggles

RealEyes™ video goggles are used during the Dix-Hallpike test for diagnosis of BPPV and during canalith repositioning for the treatment of BPPV. Nystagmus and torsional eye movements produced by otoconia shifting during a positive Dix-Hallpike maneuver can be more easily observed when the eyes are magnified by a video camera. The robust monocular camera can be moved to either eye. The other eye can then be covered to deny vision or left uncovered when vision is desired.

High resolution, single eye, live eye video is displayed on your TV of any size. Video recording is not included with this model of RealEyes but recording can be accomplished if you connect the video output to your DVD video recorder.

RealEyes Monocular Video Goggles Features

  • Single camera records from either eye
  • Infrared illumination for vision denied recording
  • External focus knob for a clear eye image
  • Easy to clean silicone mask
  • Camera can be aimed mechanically to center the eye image
  • Pushbutton fixation light
  • Microphone in camera for recording examiner commentary with video
  • Comfortable, light tight goggle with camera weighs only 9oz
  • Requires a TV with video and audio RCA input connectors