System 2000 Reclining Rotational Chair

PDF.png    System 2000 - Reclining Rotational Vestibular Chair Brochure

System 2000

Reclining Rotational Chair

System 2000™ Reclining Chair is a standard vertical axis rotational vestibular chair combined with a VNG chair that also reclines to a caloric incline position and a supine position. System includes a complete vestibular test battery. The busy clinician can sequence through the gaze, ocularmotor, positional, caloric, vestibular ocular reflex (VOR), vision-enhanced VOR (VVOR), and VOR with Fixation (VFX) tests.

The System 2000™ Reclining chair is used for testing and monitoring patients with peripheral vestibular loss, BPPV, dizziness, vertigo, acoustic neuroma, chronic imbalance, ocularmotor abnormalities and other vestibular disorders. This rotational chair-VNG combination will save you space, money, and time.

System 2000 Reclining Chair with VNG Features

Advanced Chair Design
The System 2000 Reclining Rotational Vestibular Chair accurately accelerates and changes direction without inertial artifact. The torque motor is engineered to provide quiet, precisely controlled rotation. A foot brake prevents chair rotation for patient entry and during VNG tests. Three anchor bolts into the floor ensure that the chair will not tip during Dix-Hallpike and positional tests. Patients weighing up to 350lbs can be tested on this chair.

TV Stimulus
Ocularmotor and gaze tests utilize a 42" wall mounted LCD TV for the target stimulus. This television provides horizontal and vertical target displays as well as a full-field stimulus for optokinetic testing. The TV can be mounted to the wall and the center target can easily be positioned to accommodate patient height differences. Eyes are displayed on the wall TV during positional and Dix-Hallpike testing for easier monitoring of nystagmus and torsion away from computer screen.

Video Eye Tracking
Our FireWire Binocular Goggles increases the ease and accuracy of eye movement recording, providing a full field of view, and can block out ambient light when the cover is in place. The goggles have built-in fixation lights controlled by the software. Side mounted lights are used to remind the operator which ear is to be irrigated in a caloric test.

Ocularmotor Testing
The patient follows the target presented on the LCD TV. During optokinetic tests the software will display a full field of moving stripes for the patient. For gaze, pursuit and saccade tests, the target image (e.g. potato head) can be customized for pediatric testing.

Caloric Testing
When the chair is reclined to 30° from vertical, the operator can perform caloric testing. Spectrum software integrates either the Micromedical Air Fx air caloric irrigator or AquaStim water caloric irrigator for computer controlled caloric stimulations.

Dix-Hallpike / Positional Testing
Recline the chair and remove the head rest to complete the Dix-Hallpike and Positional tests. The reclining chair also facilitates Canalith Repositioning maneuvers.

System 2000 Reclining Chair Options

  • EOG amplifier for electrode recording of eye movements when chair is stationary
  • Pupillometry to record pupillary reflexes to light changes
  • VORTEQ – Video Head Impulse Testing (VHIT) of six canals, Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVAT) and multi-frequency head rotation VOR in one option.
  • Torsion recording with horizontal and vertical for 3-D eye tracking capability
  • Air or water caloric irrigator