Aqua Stim Water Caloric Irrigator

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Aqua Stim Water Caloric Irrigator

Aqua Stim water caloric irrigator is used in combination with a video nystagmograph (VNG) for testing patients with dizziness. Water is heated inside the irrigator to a precise temperature of 30C or 44C for one cool or warm irrigation. Within 3 minutes the water temperature will have stabilized and the irrigator display will read READY. The examiner places a flexible silicone tube into the ear canal and a basin under the ear to catch the water as it exits the ear canal. A button on the handle starts the water flow and for 30 seconds water is pumped from the irrigator tank through a hose into the patient’s ear. Because this water is 7C below or above body temperature and is in only one ear, the temperature difference between the ears stimulates the lateral semi-circular canal resulting in a spinning sensation. The patient’s vestibular ocular reflex compensates by moving the eyes (nystagmus) in a direction that opposes the spinning. Two water temperatures, each one producing a nystagmus in the opposite direction, are used to evaluate the vestibular function in that ear. Stimulating the opposite ear is for a functional comparison between the two ears.

The Aqua Stim interfaces with a Micromedical VisualEyes™ VNG computer via included USB cable. When a caloric test is selected, the VNG communicates with the irrigator to heat the water in the tank to the correct temperature. The examiner starts the irrigation and the VNG software automatically begins recording eye movement traces. After the irrigation has finished, the VNG continues to record the nystagmus response for about 2 minutes and automatically measures the strength of the response.

Aqua Stim Features

  • The Aqua Stim caloric irrigator features an ergonomic handle with replaceable silicone tips
  • Bright LEDs on the handle illuminate the ear canal and the tympanic membrane
  • Long 9.8ft delivery hose to easily reach the patient’s ear across an exam table
  • External tap water tank that holds enough water for testing three patients
  • The Aqua Stim heats water to 30ºC or 44ºC and stores it internally for one irrigation
  • Audible and visual cues indicating ready and end of irrigation
  • Lighted front-panel buttons can select temperature and adjust irrigator parameters
  • Can operate stand-alone or with a Micromedical VNG