Air Fx Caloric Irrigator

PDF.png    Air Fx Air Irrigator and Aqua Stim Water Irrigator Brochure

Air Fx Caloric Irrigator

The Air Fx air caloric irrigator is used in combination with a video nystagmograph (VNG) for testing patients with dizziness or vertigo. The irrigator heats or cools an air stream using a Peltier device in the irrigator handle. After the desired temperature has been reached, the irrigator will audibly notify the examiner that they may commence irrigation. The examiner then uses the irrigator’s otoscope to view the canal and the tympanic membrane. Cool (24C) or warm (48C) air is then directed into the ear canal. Because this air is below or above body temperature and in only one ear, the heating or cooling causes fluid convection in the lateral semi-circular canal. The convection currents deflect the cupula changing the firing rate of the vestibular nuclei. The patient perceives that they are spinning and the brain respond tries to compensate by moving the eyes in the opposite direction. This eye movement is a reflex of the vestibular ocular reflex called nystagmus. Over a period of 1 to 2 minutes the nystagmus will reach peak intensity and then diminish. Utilizing warm and cool temperatures in each ear shows that the nystagmus can be reversed and reinforces that the nystagmus is of vestibular origin. Irrigating the opposite ear and measuring that response is used as a functional comparison of each ear.

The Air Fx interfaces with Micromedical’s VisualEyes™ VNG computer via a USB cable. When a cool caloric test is selected, the VNG communicates with the irrigator to cool the air and prepare for irrigation. The examiner starts the irrigator timer by pushing a button on the otoscope handle. The VNG software senses the button press and begins recording eye movement traces.

Air Fx Features

  • The Air Fx caloric irrigator features a lighted otoscope handle with single use specula.
  • A bright LED in the otoscope illuminates the ear canal and the tympanic membrane.
  • Magnifying lens in the otoscope displays a clear full view of the tympanic membrane.
  • Long 9.8ft delivery hose to easily reach the patient’s ear across an exam table.
  • Uses a Peltier device to heat air to a 40C to 50C or cool air to 20C to 30C
  • User selectable irrigation temperatures and irrigation times
  • Bright LCD display and front-panel buttons to select temperature and monitor irrigation parameters
  • Can operate as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a Micromedical VNG